How Reiki Broadened Armando’s Horizon: His Personal Story

Reiki Healing

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I enjoyed my Reiki experience immensely. At first, I was skeptical but intrigued. I’m always on the go and needed something to put my mind and spirit at ease. Reiki was a great start to focusing on my inner peace, which will lead to clearing and focusing my thoughts.

Armando’s Reiki Sessions Experience

This led to wanting my next Reiki session to continue improving my feeling of well-being. During my second session, I was more relaxed due to the fact that I was more self-aware. It helped me become even more focused. This session opened my mind up and gave me more clarity. My intention was to place my body and soul at ease, yet at the same time not to forget what clouded my mind and soul. This helped in the following weeks to remember to clear my thoughts if my past surfaced in them. The atmosphere and setting that Sheila created also helped me to concentrate during my session.

Final Thoughts About Reiki

I enjoyed each Reiki session there more than the previous and look forward to continuing my sessions to reach higher healing. This is only the beginning of the road to discovering my true self. Reiki has helped me become more mindful of meditating, taking a quiet moment, and learning to relax. It has opened me up to my inner world, being aware of my thoughts, and taking care of me.

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  1. Cheryl

    I had my first Crystal Healing session with Sheila. I was feeling out of sorts, anxious and overwhelmed when I walked into Sheila’s office, I experienced a transformation from the first session and I felt so relaxed. She is so soothing, nurturing and loving and you can feel the vibe immediately. Thanks Sheila
    Can’t wait to return or my second session


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