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The Breath of Living

Let breathing bring inspiration to your life. Harnessing breath has the ability to release emotions that hold you back from a life filled with purpose and mindfulness.

Breathwork allows you to love yourself and others more fully. It helps you release toxic emotions like unforgiveness, anger and control. Through your breathing, you are empowered to become present to the gratitude that transforms your outlook on life. Unhindered from anxiety, breathwork stirs you to live to your full potential. Yes, it really is that powerful!

Make an appointment and feel for yourself why millions of people are enjoying the emotional, spiritual and physical benefits of this transformative modality.

As you clear restrictive patterns in your body, energy is freer to move, and you have more room for joy, expansion, and peace.

Benefits of Breathwork

Stimulates the body’s immune system

Reduces anxiety, stress & tension

Improves sleep quality and relaxation

Increases focus and energy levels

Encourages detoxification of the body

Improves digestion

What To Expect During a Breathwork Session!

You start off by setting an intention for your session. Then, you lie down on a comfortable mat on the floor with a pillow, and blanket. Fast-paced music plays to encourage you to stay awake and active during the session.

Your experience is guided via verbal and physical cues to breathe through your mouth, using your diaphragm, and without spaces or rentention between breaths. The circular breathing helps to break down the stagnant and unprocessed emotions that build up in the body and create havoc on our physical and energetic bodies.

As you consciously connect your breath pattern, you oxygenate the blood, stimulating the hypothalamus gland, and releasing endorphins in the body. It’s common to experience a feeling of “buzzing” as a result. This may be all over your body, or local to one area such as the hands or feet.

I also offer Crystal Healing and Reiki to support your enlightenment and awakening journey. 

The way you perceive yourself and your life is reflected in the breath. Your life can change by consciously changing your breath pattern.

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