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Register for your complimentary Inner Clarity Session with me. You’re taking a committed step in your journey to a stress-less and free-flowing life! 

My intention of our time together is to be of service to you with insights that will help you feel calmer and less tense immediately.  Complete the registration form by scrolling down.

Love & Light,
Sheila Zayas

Who Should Register

For An Inner Clarity Session?

 This complimentary Clarity Session is for you if you are ready to:

    • Feel rested and full of vitality to move forward on your goals.
    • Clearly hear your intuition and inner guidance to solve challenges with ease.
    • Transform stress, tension, and anxiety into calm, balance and confidence.
    • Let go of all the emotional baggage that weighs you down so you can live your best life.
Signs You May Be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening
The Importance of Presence

What to Expect

During an Inner Clarity Session


    • Together, we’ll create a sacred space to access your inner wisdom to lay out your soul’s deepest longing for your life so that you can align with your purpose and meaning.

    • You will be guided in identifying the areas where you are stuck so that I can support you in shining a light on the blocks that hold you back from creating feelings of joy, satisfaction, and flow.

    • I will share my insights on your patterns and barriers as well as provide you with ways that will help to move the stuck energy.

    • We will develop a personalized plan to overcome any obstacles in your way of managing stress and having enough time and stamina for the things you love.


    Inner Clarity Session Registration Form

    Take your time to intentionally complete this registration. I personally review your responses to determine if we're a match for one another. My Inner Clarity sessions provide a lot of value and insight. So, registrations from people who are deeply committed to their transformation would stand to benefit the most!

    Love & Light,
    Sheila Zayas

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