The Power of Speaking Affirmations Daily

The Power of Speaking Affirmations Daily

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Do you often start your day without checking in with yourself? Do you hop out of bed feeling stressed already because everyone’s needs take priority above your own? Kids need to be dressed, fed, and at school on time. Pets also need feeding and walking. Spouses may need an extra wake-up call. You need to get showered, dressed, and off to work. The list of growing demands pulls your attention left and right. When do you have time to connect with your authentic self?

Setting Yourself Up to Feel Stressed & Overwhelmed

Already, the tone of your day has been set: rush, rush, rush. If you aren’t checking in with yourself first, you may begin to feel disconnected from your own needs and goals. Avoiding what your mind and body are searching for leads to becoming more overwhelmed with your everyday life. Only you can break that cycle and begin connecting with yourself to fulfill your own needs and wants.

Make Speaking Affirmations a Daily Habit

Speaking affirmations every morning keeps you focused on the flow of your day. They also serve as a reminder of what you want or need most, helping you present the world with a balanced and centered version of yourself. It becomes a habit that, if skipped, can make it feel like you started your day off somehow.

Be Specific When Speaking Affirmations

Think of affirmations as an express pass to get you to where you want to go smoother and faster. You can wish for changes to occur all day long, but without setting a specific intention to manifest your desires, those positive changes will always remain out of reach. Even failing to set an intention for the day will allow the day to decide your mood. You need to be just as clear about the aim for your day as you are for your life. When you speak your needs into the universe in the present tense, your mind, body, and spirit are already headed in that direction.

Are Affirmations Just for Today?

Daily affirmations can be part of your daily ritual and can be directed at the day or something you are manifesting for the future you. Your declarations are yours alone and you can set anything you want, but always make your message positive, uplifting, and in the first person. (i.e.: present tense – I or I am) Below are examples of how to word affirmation, so they are said as if that goal, need, or want has already been achieved.

I am financially free.

I am in Ireland.

I am the owner of a successful fine dining establishment.

I practice self-care so that I am relaxed and stress-free.

I journal my feelings and activities every day.

Become Your Authentic Self with Powerful Affirmations

Your declarations can be simple initially, much like the examples above. The more details you can include, the more natural it will feel and that will help you imagine that this is your life right now. You’ll be able to get the actual ‘feel’ of how your life would be if your intentions were the current reality.

Speaking or writing your purpose is a powerful way to manifest positive outcomes in your life. When you first create your affirmations, choose your words carefully so the universe delivers what you’ve envisioned. If you are ready to manifest your desires, stay mindful throughout the day, accomplish your goals and start by speaking your affirmations today! If your intentions turn negative or you use words such as ‘can’t,’ ‘try,’ ‘maybe,’ or ‘possibly,’ you can still manifest what you ask for, but it may not be what you want.

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