Emotional Healing: A Love Letter To Myself

Love Letter to self

Written by Sheyla Zayas

I wrote the following love letter to myself on December 2, 2018 during an exercise at a weekend breathing seminar in which I had to write a letter to myself. This was while I was still depressed, not sleeping through the night, addicted to marijuana, and playing life’s victim. Read my story.

Dear Queen,

You are loved beyond measure and you are a grand being capable and worthy of living a fruitful, large life. What is unfolding for you is so big and so beautiful. Your compassion for hurting people is admirable and you have a huge fan club rooting for you and supporting you on your journey.

It is OK to come out of that hard shell you’ve built for yourself. You are safe! Your divinity is unleashing in such a powerful way. Know that everything that you’ve ever experienced is perfect and was ordained by you in order to open up the doors of growth and change. Without your experiences, the next chapter in your life would not be possible. It is exactly what you’ve been through that will help so many other people. Everything that has happened and will happen is all part of a grand and purposeful plan. You Rock!


You, your biggest fan.

Self-Love Letters Encourage Personal Growth

Reading back through this, I could never have known the joy and freedom I experience today. This letter was written from a place of deep emotional pain. Although my internal state couldn’t believe it, this letter is exactly how I feel about me today. It was a precursor to my freedom.

So, I encourage you to write yourself a letter as if you are someone else speaking to you. Tell yourself how much you matter, the difference you are making and will make in this world, and brag to you about you. Remember to date it!

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