Using Your Mind To Feel Better

The mind is more powerful than we think

Written by Sheyla Zayas

Today’s world is hungry for pharmaceutical medicines. Even conditions that are better off tackled without medication are subjected to this form of treatment. Unfortunately, this is so because the alternative puts the responsibility for successful healing majorly on the human mind, and not just on pills. Without pills, you would need a healthy, functional, problem-solving mind to help you get through psychological and physical ruts.

Where failures or obstacles bog down one person, others brush off problems and keep achieving. Mental control is the key difference in how some people can lift themselves out of depression or even walk again after doctors gave them a zero chance of ever doing so. Keep reading to find out how to use your mind to improve your life.

What is the power of the mind?

Endless possibilities are within the human subconscious

A human brain filters an amazing amount of data daily and only a few data points register to us consciously. For every thought you have, your brain releases neurotransmitters that regulate your nervous system. In perfect harmony, your body responds to the thought and neurological wiring begins. The more lasting the thought, the stronger the electrical brain/ body connection.

Repetitive negative thoughts that persist for years are major contributors to feeling stressed, exhausted, or overwhelmed. These can turn into anger, depression, misery or chaos. This state of being is one way to become ‘stuck.’

Mental power is truly believing that you can achieve your end goal and having the faith and patience that your current circumstance can and will improve. But first, you need to believe in your ability to change your mind toward a better outcome.

How to harness the subconscious capacity of your mind

The mind can also be used to hold firm onto a powerful intention you set to heal, whether emotionally or physically. Science confirms that our realities can change from one of gloom to one of empowerment and from sickness to health by simply making up our mind to do so. You can use daily visualizations of yourself happy and healthy, repeat affirmations such as “I am whole,” “I am life,” and “I am grateful for my health.” The secret to leveraging the full faculties of your mind to get well is through the correlation between your brain and body. Read on to find ways to connect your mind and body so you can be more conscious of your thoughts and feelings.

1. Managing what goes inside your body

A big reason for watching what you eat is controlling your weight and safeguarding your physical health. Dieting is all the rage nowadays. But, do you know that watching the contents of your diet is also important to brain health? For a healthy brain, slow down on high-fat dairy products, processed meats, and sugary drinks. This should help slow down the aging of your brain and bonus points because it also improves your memory.

2. Consider meditation/yoga

Calmness and balance are necessary if you want to delve beyond the surface of your knowledge base and access the information, ideas and instincts underneath. Meditation and yoga are excellent tools for being able to control the flux of emotions and thoughts you are experiencing at any given moment.

3. Start writing

Writing is therapeutic, and therapy is good in guiding the human mind to look inward and heal itself from within. Write your goals and experiences, keep a journal or express your problems. Documenting information is thought-provoking and can open the mind to new perspectives, approaches, and ideas. If you are the kind of person who finds writing too slow, you can try audio documentation. Consider how advantageous this can be in connecting you to your emotions or even developing a business idea.

4. Think the way you want to live

Embrace the vision you have of the life you want to live. When you think in a certain way and attempt to live a certain way, it shapes your instincts. Since these instincts are a part of your subconscious, consider this an exercise in directing the type of information you want filtered through your conscious mind.

5. Do the things you love and ease into those you do not like doing

You can’t avoid doing things you don’t like or love; that’s just how the world works. However, you can control how much negativity comes from doing such things. To achieve this, rather than jumping into a compulsory task, ease yourself into it and do many things you love in-between. Let the positivity you get from tasks you love be the fuel to do what’s necessary for continuous personal/ professional development.

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