How Reiki Helped Catherine: Her Personal Experience

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The Universe works in curious ways. Divine intervention is real. When I was first invited to have a Reiki session, I felt honored and a little unsure. I did not want to waste anyone’s time. But I went and had my session.

Oh boy! I learned quickly after that I was oblivious to the desperate need of finding myself, regaining my self-worth, strength, health and eliminating the toxic energy suckers in my life. 

Before The Reiki Session

Before learning about Reiki, I was high-tense, unsure if I could disconnect from all the noise and tasks in my head…my endless to-do list, e-mails, calls, analyze deals, meetings, deadlines, closing dates, production, compete, smile.

Then there’s soccer practice, grocery store, dance class, house errands, tell hubby I love him, do not forget to smile, mail that package, game day, drink water, exercise, eat healthy. Wait, did I eat today?

Throw in a Pandemic and I find myself working from home and helping my kid with virtual schooling. Balance, meditation, calm…Me? Ha!

If this is you, well the Universe orders Reiki before you end up with an unhealthy vice or in a locked up padded room!

Benefits During & After Catherine’s Reiki Healing

I’d been living life so hectic that I couldn’t believe her guided meditation to relax each body part from head to toe, breathe and block the noise actually worked. It worked on someone like ME!

I went somewhere else, it was magical. So this is meditation. This is taking care of one’s Mind, Body & Soul. Wow! Afterward, Sheila allowed me to share my concerns and challenges. She shared best practices to continue my work in being consistent.

My weekly Reiki sessions have truly been life changing. I am filled with gratitude. My focus and motivation at work and home have been recharged. Time management and realistic planning is a priority, which has instantly made my life more organized and efficient. I manage my calendar; it no longer manages me. I have learned to just say no. If it’s not the best use of my time, I respectfully decline. I approach challenges calmly and catch myself when my intense side wants to react. It’s still a work in progress.

I am learning balance and to be the most happy version of my true self.

This was taken from a Reiki client testimonial.

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