Sheila’s Crystal Healing Success Story

Written by Sheyla Zayas

For about 15 years, I suffered with anxiety daily and also experienced great difficulty sleeping. Falling into a deep sleep was not a problem but staying asleep was an entirely different story. My days were overwhelming and stressful. I was exhausted, yet I was waking up throughout the night. Depression hung on me like a wet robe and I stayed in bed most days. When I did leave my bed, I walked around in a mental fog that now I know was negativity affecting every aspect of my life. I desperately needed to create change in my life.

Crystal Healing Therapy Helped Me

I knew I needed to get my mind into a healthier state because my mental health was indeed suffering. The question was how. Then I stumbled upon healing crystals and began learning how powerful their energy is. Allow me to be completely blunt for a moment: Like most people, I was highly skeptical about a rock that could change lives but I was desperate to try anything.

How Crystal Healing Can Also Help

From my initial introduction to crystals, I began experimenting with them. I mainly used them for manifesting abundance and love (these are two areas that crystals have helped me profoundly). After some time, I began meditating daily. I would place crystals on my body to meditate, chant and breathe. Within a few weeks, my anxiety improved, dropping from a level 10 down to a level 2. After many years of wakefulness, I began sleeping through the night. I also found myself thankful that my mental fog had lifted and I could think clearly again. 

For most of my adult life, whenever I traveled by plane my ears hurt. The pain was excruciating. They felt like they were going to explode out of my head as the plane descended. In an attempt to relieve that unbearable pain and pressure, I would crunch on almonds like a mad woman. I’m sure my passenger neighbors couldn’t wait to get off those flights.

Crystals Eased My Ear Discomfort When Flying

By mid October 2020, I had been doing crystal healing work for a while and had been focusing on my throat chakra. During an airplane trip,

I made sure I had my trusted almonds on hand. Except, this time, I didn’t need to crunch on the almonds. My ears felt fine! 

On my return trip, my ears were a tad bothersome but it was not the usual excruciating pain that I had come to expect when traveling by plane. The only thing that had changed was the healing I had been practicing daily with my crystals and it was truly making a major difference in my life. My crystal work has allowed me to feel peace, joy and physical healing. 

After Trying Crystal Healing On Myself

My own personal healing journey ignited a fire in me to help others with their own healing and freedom. I opened The Sanctuary for Mind, Body & Spirit so others had a safe-place to release their stress, anxiety and negativity. My passion is to not only teach others about crystal work but to help them find  inner peace, unleash their authentic self and heal from unnecessary pain and suffering.

If you’ve just read my story and it spoke to you, please contact me to begin your own healing journey. I will guide you to connect with your inner light and activate that transformational change you strongly desire emotionally, and spiritually.

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