The Art of Crystal Gridding

The Art of Crystal Gridding

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Healing crystals have been part of many cultures for centuries. They arise from Mother Earth, making them the perfect tool to help us reconnect to our planet and align our energy to its magnetic grid. They can also amplify our energy. A crystal grid offers visual stimulation of a specific intention and is energetically charged to spread good vibes. Depending on your intention, crystal grids can provide a private healing place or balance energies in high traffic areas such as a living room or workplace. Creating prearranged patterns with crystals is not only art but can release a palpable vibrational frequency that can bring forth your intention.

What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a layout of gemstones in a sacred geometric pattern that enhances each gemstones’ healing properties. The pattern itself can be on a painted board, material or engraved surface. While grid patterns can vary, their aim is to manifest a desired result. Once arranged and activated, crystal grids act like a vibrational blueprint, with a center stone that anchors the entire grid. This helps you reinforce your spiritual practice by allowing you to direct energy in a specific direction. Much like an electrical grid, crystal grids help store and manage energy.

Creating Your Own Sacred Geometry Grid

Crystal grids are arranged within a sacred geometrical form to achieve a synergistic effect for a specific intention such as love, abundance, success, joy, or chakra balancing. When creating your own crystal grid, listening  to your intuition is key. No hard, fast rules exist in the spiritual realm when it comes to setting and programming a crystal grid. However, programming one intention per grid is recommended.

If you have multiple intentions, then set separate crystal grids at least 12 feet apart. This way, one grid does not interfere with the energy torus of the other. Program one crystal grid with one intention but do not become overly attached to the outcome. Try not to become overly attached to one specific outcome. Letting go of your expectations and believing your desires are already manifested will allow you to open yourself to accepting the best outcome. 

What You’ll Need for Your Crystal Grid

Grid templates can vary from elaborate to simple. You can print a design on regular copy paper or buy a grid that is laser-cut into glass, wood, or etched on fabric. Whichever route you go, you’ll need the following to get started:

Choose a design – Usually grids are formed in the shape of a Sacred Geometry pattern. 

Crystals – You’ll need a center crystal, activation crystal, and “worker bee”crystals to fill in the space.

Location – Choose an area with little to no disruptions. Once your crystal grid is set and programmed, it cannot be moved. Otherwise, it must be re-programmed.

Intention – State your intention as an ‘I am’ statement and as if your desire has already manifested itself. ‘I am wealthy and abundance flows constantly to me.’ Some write their intention on paper and tuck it under the center stone.

Optional energy tools – Feel free to surround your grid with a few of your favorites that encourage your positive energy to flow such as candles, singing bowls and incense.

Choose Crystals that Align with Your Intentions

Every crystal has its own energy, qualities and properties but when crystals are part of a community, the effects are much more powerful. Therefore, it is important to use stones in your grid that are energetically similar to avoid energy chaos. It is best to use only a few types of stones. Below are several crystal combinations to help you get started:


  • Rose quartz (love)
  • Garnet (sexual attraction)
  • Kunzite (helps express passionate feelings)


  • Amethyst (negative energy cleanser)
  • Citrine (depression reducer)
  • Fluorite (mental relaxation)


  • Smoky quartz (absorbs negative energy
  • Black tourmaline (negative energy repellent)
  • Hematite (grounding, restores balance)

Crystal Grid Setup & Use Instructions

Once you have your grid design, intention and choose your crystals, it’s time to set up the actual board. First, everything needs cleansing: the grid, crystals and the sacred space. Next, put your grid on a flat service, speak your intention out loud and then layout your stones. Choose the direction that feels right, work outward in or inward out. Then, activate your grid. Use a crystal wand or your finger to “connect the dots” starting from the center stone to each stone and ending back at the center stone. This creates an energetic connection between the stones and programs them to work together toward your intention. 

Amplify the Healing Energy of Your Crystals

Crystal grids are an incredibly personal and subjective experience. The grid you create will depend on your relationship with crystals, how you interpret sacred geometry and your ability to express your intention using words or visualization. You can now bring harmony to your life by manifesting your true path using the powerful energy of your crystals.

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