Making Gem Elixirs

Gem Elixirs

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Your body is always in a state of bringing itself into homeostasis. Gemstones and crystals offer it a subtle yet powerful way to clear blockages and increase energy flow. One of the great ways to work with stones is via gem elixirs, which can be ingested or made into a spray. Crystals help to restore this equilibrium on the levels of the mind, body and spirit. Every culture in the world has used stones for millennia as tools of healing that profoundly affect us.

Gem elixirs are prepared by placing one or several stones into a glass container of pure spring or distilled water. The container is left in direct sunlight or moonlight to infuse the water with the vibrational essence of the chosen stones.

Two methods exist for preparing gem elixirs – In the Direct Method, the stones are submerged directly into the water, while in the Indirect Method a barrier separates the stones from the water. For the purposes of this article, we’ll talk strictly about the Indirect Method because there are many toxic stones. Honestly, I exclusively use the Indirect Method when I make gem elixirs because even with cleaning the stones, I just want to be safe. Plus, I feel that the water will still receive the vibrational frequencies of the stones regardless.  

How To Prepare The Gem Elixir

First, clean the chosen stones to be used. I run mine under water and visualize white light washing over them.

Place the stones inside an empty small glass container. I use a 25mm test tube. Pour water in a separate larger glass container. Place the smaller container in the larger one. Alternatively, the stones can be placed around the large container outside of it.

Add one third vodka or brandy as a preservative. Water is the ideal vehicle for bacteria growth, so this part is a must.

Cover the container so no dust, hair, or other impurities fall into it.

Finally, hold the container with both hands. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and state your intention for the elixir. Put the container by a window that gets direct sun or moon light. Allow it to absorb the solar/lunar energy for at least 4 hours.

Selecting The Right Stones

The stones you choose depends on your intention for making the elixir. I always start out with an intention and then refer to a stones book for stones that have the property of what I’m trying to manifest. Also, do not discount your intuition. The key is to keep it simple. I never use more than 3 stones and usually, my elixir is just one or two stones.  It is also particularly important to use complementary stones. For more information on selecting stones, please contact us.

Gem Elixir Recipes

Here are two recipes to get the water flowing (pun intended)!

Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Elixir
Indications: Self-love and love of others. Pain in the heart from traumatic events; heart closed from not being nurtured as a child; difficulty initiating and keeping intimate contact with others; inner child not receiving nurturing energy from the adult; compassion for oneself and others.

Tigers Eye Elixir           
Indications: For those who are afraid of success. Self-empowerment; strengthen the energetic boundary between one’s true nature and one’s emotional experience; help maintain a strong sense of self identity when dealing with low vibration emotions such as anger, fear and jealousy.

Enjoy and let me know about your own recipes!

How To Ingest The Elixir

Now, the infused water can be poured in a dropper bottle. Ingest a dropper full of the essence on the tongue three times a day and state the intention out loud. This can be consumed like this for up to a month.

It can also be poured in a small spray bottle to spritz oneself throughout the day. The spray can be used to spritz a room, pillow, bed sheets, or anything else in need of blessing.

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