Holistic Self-Care Tools That You’ll Love

Holistic Self-Care Tools That You’ll Love

Written by Sheyla Zayas

Self-care is a crucial personal need that is often overlooked but having the right accessories may act as a reminder to care for yourself and your soul. Many people like to incorporate spiritual items into their daily rituals or meditations. These items can range from just a single crystal or prayer beads to smudging sticks and essential oils. Whatever you feel comfortable using and derive the most joy and peace from is the right tool for you. 

Self-Care VS Spiritual Self-Care

Mainstream self-care has become a buzzword since the pandemic began but what is it, exactly? It is not just reading a book or taking a bubble bath when you have the time. This special brand of ME time is about setting boundaries for yourself mentally, physically and socially to avoid feeling burned out, overwhelmed and overstretched. Self-care may mean taking time for activities or hobbies you enjoy, visiting the spa or just spending quiet time with yourself. Holistic self-care means you are caring for your own well-being by tending to your whole self: body, mind and spirit.

Spiritual self-care is any practice or ritual that quiets the mind and allows connection to a Higher Power. For some, that higher power may mean the Judeo-Christian God, other Gods and Goddesses, or nature. Spiritual self-care can be combined with traditional self-care as long as what you are doing supports your efforts to connect to a higher calling, feeds your soul and brings greater meaning to your life.

Spiritual Tools for Holistic Personal Care

In this busy world, it can be a little challenging to fit your spiritual practice into your day. Adding healing tools may inspire you to incorporate your self-care into your lifestyle rather than trying to squeeze it in somewhere. Here are some tools that may add enjoyment to your practices and even allow for deeper self-care.

Crystal grid – Physically, it’s a design on a board or material to place your crystals on. Metaphysically, it uses a sacred geometric pattern to amplify the energy of the crystals to manifest your intention.

Crystals or healing stones – Crystals are made up of atoms that are grouped into regular repeating patterns and have balanced energy that resonates a specific energy signature (based on types such as quartz, amethyst, citrine and obsidian) that influences the human energy field.

Essential oils – These aromatic compounds are extracted from plants and have each plant’s essence. Common plant-based healing oils are lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, oregano, peppermint, sandalwood and clove. 

Meditation seating – Floor cushions, Zabuton mats, pillows, blankets, rugs or low chairs that allow the meditator to be comfortable during a meditation session.

Rosaries, prayer beads & malas – Beaded necklaces are used in meditation, prayer and to connect the human spirit and soul to the earth and its environment. Often made from natural materials that are symbolic, they come from various religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Sikhism, etc. but you don’t need to be religious to benefit from using prayer beads. 

Sound baths – Tools or instruments that are designed to produce a specific tone, vibration or frequency to influence the body’s energy field. Common tools are Tibetan or crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, gongs, drums, crystal pyramids or digital sound.

Smudging & blessing herbs – Burning a specific herb for spiritual cleansing of your home, sacred space or any area with negative energy. As the smoke clears, it takes the negativity with it. Common herbs to use are sage, cedar, lavender, and sweetgrass. Palo Santo is a tree bark that is also popularly used for smudging.

Books, sacred texts & inspirational quotes – Books that offer guidance in healing and restorative practices such as The Spirit Almanac: Modern Guide to Ancient Self-Care. Quotes that provide direction, motivation and inspiration to encourage your journey. Texts from rich and diverse faiths such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and the Baha’i Faith.

Yoga mats & blankets – Both provide a comfortable base for yoga poses and sitting or kneeling for meditation. Blankets can be handmade or store-bought in fabrics such as wool or cotton.

Meditation shawls – Also called prayer shawls, they are worn during meditation and typically covers the person’s whole body. They have been used by many cultures and religions for centuries.

Candles & incense – Lighting candles and incense help cleanse space energetically during rituals or meditation. They also aid the flow of healing energy during Reiki sessions and other healing practices.

Meditation bells & chimes – The sound of bells or chimes can be used during guided meditation to promote a sense of peace and calmness. Immersion in the sound provides stress relief and relaxation. They are often used to signify the beginning or the end of a meditation session.

Journals – Books in which you can write your thoughts, goals or intentions. They range from a simple spiral notebook to beautifully bound journals that are unique, handmade or custom made such as a vegan leather book.

Why Is Spiritual Self-Care Important?

Nurturing your inner self through self-examination and introspection deepens the connection to your authentic self. Once you commit to regular self-care, a renewed sense of purpose will ignite within you and your connection to your intuition will be stronger. You will also experience a greater feeling of groundedness that improves your sense of peace and calm while supporting a deeper connection to those you care about. This is important because when you are true to your words, thoughts and actions, it gives you the power to step away from any relationship or situation that distracts you from your truth. Through spiritual self-care, we learn to love who we are and cultivate our spiritual selves.

Self-Care Tools in the Digital Age

Many choices exist that allow you to involve technology in your healing journey. Incorporating your smartphone may help you track your self-care and keep you accountable. Both Apple and Android phones can download any number of apps that offer reminders and guidance for meditating, sleeping, relaxing, breathwork and calmness. 

Insight Timer is a meditation app with great and intuitive features. Fitness trackers such as FitBit tracks your heart rate, sleep and has alarms so you can set meditation or mindfulness alarms. Just one Google search will reveal a plethora of gadgets, apps and options to help you stay devoted to your self-care routine.

Creating Your Own Self-Care Routines

Looking to improve your life, delve into your true self and unearth your true purpose? Then make a commitment to yourself that you will practice daily self-care. Even taking 10 minutes of alone time to reframe your mindset, take a walk in nature or practice meditation is better than nothing. Choosing tools and digital aids that inspire you to meditate may help you stay on your path. Keeping all of your self-care tools together will make your practice smoother. Spending the day at the spa getting a facial and a mani-pedi is a treat you are entitled to but maintaining your spiritual health is the key to living the best version of yourself and truly loving the life you are cultivating. 

If you are unsure of where to start, guidance is available through a meditation practitioner or Reiki master like Sheila Zayas. She can help you to embark on your healing journey and tend to your mind, body and spirit allowing you to fully love and accept yourself – imperfections and insecurities included.

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