South Florida Reiki Master Shares Inspiring Story with VoyageMIA

South Florida Reiki Master Shares Inspiring Story with VoyageMIA

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VoyageMIA recently met with Sheila Zayas, founder and owner of The Sanctuary for Mind, Body & Spirit in Lake Worth, FL. As a Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Breath Facilitator and Meditation Guide, she offers clients a way to release themselves from the demands of modern life.  Visit VoyageMIA’s Community Highlights to learn more about this inspiring woman, her life-altering journey and how she can help anyone improve their mindset.

Finding Inner Peace in Chaos

Most people can probably easily relate to the backstory Sheila shared in her interview. Day in and day out, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, worried and even sad or angry is exhausting. Juggling families, jobs, schedules, bills and everything in between can be chaotic and hectic. Looking for ways to relax and escape those feelings is not at all uncommon. Creating bad habits is often the go-to move for most stressed-out people. However, like Sheila, some eventually realize unhealthy, temporary soothing solutions need to be changed.

Overcoming Personal Challenges

With her own personal experience as inspiration, Sheila has created a sanctuary for people seeking peace, harmony and joy in their daily lives. Accepting responsibility for negative attitudes and poor life choices is a great way to kick off the inner healing process.

Changed Mindset, Changed Life

At The Sanctuary for Mind, Body & Spirit, Sheila teaches clients to use specific techniques and energy tools to transform mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you are unsure of where or how to begin your own journey, pop over to VoyageMIA to read the full interview.

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