Emotional Healing Takes Time To Achieve

Emotional healing and freedom

Written by Sheyla Zayas

Emotional and mental healing is not a one-track course. When you come to realize that something is out of balance, more than likely several areas of your life need a bit more love and attention.

Step by Step Emotional Healing

Although everyone is different, emotional healing usually is best done in layers. Wanting to feel better from anxiety and sadness is understandable. But the fact is, that the peeling back of emotional layers is necessary so that you don’t spill open a Pandora’s box and end up in a healing crisis, which is a temporary worsening of your situation or symptoms.

The good news is that once you start the healing process, it feels amazing to get to know yourself on such a deep level and to truly get to the root cause of why you feel down/anxious or why you keep attracting negative situations/people.

Personal Healing Process

Here is a loose timeline of my own healing process. The journey is different for everyone. This is to show you the number of years and the process I personally went through of peeling back my layers to realize more about myself. Your personal healing journey  will look different than mine because your experiences and the lenses through which you perceive them are different from mine. Yet the end result – joy, peace, calm, abundance, love, etc – are all the same!

My Emotional Healing Timeline

2013 (January)
After I said that my parents’ divorce was explosive, a pastor said “you hear that? That’s trauma!”
End of the month, I was fired from my job and blew up on my then-boyfriend.
2013 (July 4)Moved in with a good friend, who would turn out to be my partner in healing.Love
2014 (August)Paid off my last bit of debt.Abundance
2015 (October 9)Moved out of friend’s house and bought my own condo.Abundance
2017 (June 22)Did the Akashic Records class with Lily Winsaft.Love
2017 (July)Started journaling. Read article about it.Love
2017 (November)Did Transformational Breathing for the first time.Love
2017 (November)Did allergy test and scheduled for surgery to have nostril opened.Love
2018 (January 7)Major rage attack after a work event.
Drinking was involved.
2018 (May)Cancelled nostril surgery because I felt allergies were something else.Self-Awareness
2018 (August 6)Bought a luxury car.Abundance
2018 (September)Did an Akashic Records reading with Lily.Love
2018 (Nov./Dec.)Did Reclaim Your Superpowers weekend breathing seminar.Love
2019 (January) Sought Shaunna Williams’ help with apathy, lack, sadness and addiction.Love
2019 (February 13)First day not smoking weed. Started to feel lightness in my shoulders.Self-Awareness
2019 (February 27)Started working for myself.Love
2019 (March)Started the Presence Process.Love
2019 (June)      Bought investment rental property.Abundance
2020 (February 13)Celebrated my first Freedom BirthdayLove
2020 (March)    Did the Deepak Chopra 21-day Abundance MeditationAbundance
2020 (June)      Reiki Level I certification and bought massage table.Pay It Forward
2020 (July 15)Let go of my desire to be an actor and signed up for Reiki Level II.

Pay It Forward
2020 (July 28)Registered Breathing Certification.Pay It Forward
2020 (August 31)Started the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Certification CoursePay It Forward
2020 (October 17)Did not need almonds for airplane ride as my ears did not feel like they were about to explode during descent. Self-Awareness
2020 (December 4)Became a Certified Crystal PractitionerPay It Forward

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