Creating a Sacred Space at Home

Creating a Sacred Space at Home

Written by Sheyla Zayas

Everyone’s Sacred Space is completely unique to them and reflects where they are in their personal journey. Creating a special place in your home for meditation, rituals, reflection and rejuvenation of your spirit will set the tone for the entire session. A sacred space that encourages your full presence and focus is ideal. This area also serves as a home for your spiritual items and self-care tools such as essential oils, stones, meditation cushions, smudging items and study tools like books, workbooks and article clippings.

Designate an Area for Practice

Your Sacred Space can be indoors or outdoors but it should be solely dedicated to being your spiritual sanctuary. This is where you will go for stillness and solitude. It can be a quiet corner, a repurposed attic or even an outdoor area such as a garden. Make certain the space is free of distractions including smartphones, social media, emails or anything else from the outside world that can break your focus. 

Decorating Your Personal Retreat

Add items that hold a special meaning or that inspire you to infuse your space with your unique essence and energy . Ideally, aim to keep decor minimal and practical,  not so cluttered or overwhelming that you’ll be distracted during spiritual practices. Rely on your intuition and 5 senses to help you decide which items fit in this environment. Think about what tastes, sounds, smells, looks and feels good to you as you decorate your meditation room. Here are some ideas of items you may want to include:

  • Talismans or symbols of peace
  • Artwork
  • Symbols or statues of divine or protective energies
  • Mementos & personal items
  • Textured fabrics & materials
  • Stones, wood or shells from special locations
  • Live plants
  • Mandalas
  • Photos of loved ones
  • Natural light
  • Soft, comfortable blankets & rugs

    Holistic Self-Care Tools

    In addition to meaningful and memory-filled pieces, you’ll want to have the items you use during rituals, meditation, ceremonies or yoga close by. Keeping them where you can easily reach them will help avoid interrupting your inner connection and awareness. This list is only intended as a guide as there are many spiritual and divine tools that can help you tend to your mind, body and spirit.

    • Essential oils
    • Meditation cushions or seats
    • Crystals & stones
    • Rosaries, prayer beads & malas
    • Sound bowls
    • Smudging items
    • Books, sacred texts & inspirational quotes
    • Yoga mats & blankets
    • Meditation shawls
    • Candles & incense
    • Meditation bells

      Maintaining Your Meditation Practice Space

      No matter what you call your sacred space, a zen den, sanctuary, spiritual retreat or meditation room -, it plays a major role in inspiring you to sit with yourself to find peace and tranquility, work on healing and learn to become more present and grounded. This is your personal retreat from the stressors and fast pace of the world. Whether you use it once a month or every day, respect your space and your practice by keeping your space clean, and dust-free. Also, keep it organized by returning items and spiritual tools that are used to their designated spot for next time.

      As you lean into your practice and grow spiritually, you may find the space you’ve chosen no longer supports your needs. When you reach that plateau, use the same techniques mentioned here to recreate (or even relocate) your sacred spot or room. As long as the space you choose allows you to be fully present, embrace yourself and your healing process, you will always be in the right place. 

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