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The Go Getter Woman’s Guide to Inner Peace

How  to Turn Stress and Anxiety into A Living Purpose


April 24 at 7-8:30 p.m. EST








All I Want is Peace & Calm!

Why Attend This Workshop?

After a long day of taking care of everyone and everything else, you collapse into bed exhausted wondering where the day went. Even though you’re sooo tired, relaxing seems impossible. A million thoughts fill your head with worry about work, the kids, the bills, and everything else that seems to be piling up. All you want is a break so you can wake up tomorrow feeling energized and excited to start the day.

But you know that’s not going to happen. You’re going to wake up feeling the same way you do now: stressed, anxious, and with the weight of the world sitting heavy on your shoulders. You feel like you’re going to explode. Girlfriend, how much longer can you keep going like this?

I’m overwhelmed, Tell Me More!

What You’ll Learn

This workshop is not about relieving stress and anxiety. You’ve already read the articles and tried the techniques, but peace still eludes you. In this workshop, you’ll learn to identify the deeper patterns that are keeping you out of balance. Once you understand these patterns, you can start to make changes that will bring you more aliveness and alignment with your purpose.


Stress and anxiety are your body’s messengers of an underlying issue. Learn to listen so you can lovingly calm the overwhelm.


Be more present in your daily life so you can remain steady amid a storm and move through any situation with ease and grace.


Become aware of your thoughts and actions so you can quickly shift negative thought patterns.

Slow Down

Rein in the million moving pieces in your life so you can feel peaceful and happy.

Your Instructor

Meet Sheila Zayas

My stress levels were so much that I couldn’t sleep restfully and felt overwhelmed all day every day. I kept busy with work and distractions to notice the reality of my situation. Any small challenge seemed like a huge mountain. Sick and tired from feeling miserable, I decided to stop and listen to the messages my body was trying to tell me with the pulsating anxiety in my belly, toxic relationships, and lack of purpose. As my life improved, I began to have more clarity on who I truly am and my natural gifts to the world. I’ve helped hundreds of people discover their purpose by calming down stress and anxiety. Energy healing is my tool while my presence and deeply listening to people is my medicine.


What’s in it for me?

By the end of this workshop, you will:

Have tools to live a peaceful and enriching life

so you can give to others from a place of fulfillment and not obligation.

Befriend your stress and anxiety

so you can learn your feelings and emotions that create stress and lovingly give yourself what you need to feel safe and grounded.

Get closer to accessing your purpose

So you can prioritze your passions and be happier.

What People Are Saying


Cheryl H.

“Sheila is awesome. Her gentle, calm and warm demeanor helps to make you feel at ease when in her presence. She’s helped me so much with my anxiety.”


Nicholas G.

“With a kind ear, heart of compassion, and knowledge of the science that goes into connecting with your inner self, Sheila has helped me find a foundation to build from.”

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